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Yes, I've been vaguely (and not so vaguely) absent recently - but now (a little later than planned) it's time to officially announce - I AM BACK. So this is just an update of... Everything. Please read if you want to know what is happening with various projects of mine.

p.s. Is it just me or does anyone else have an insane obsession with BBC's new drama 'Sherlock' ???

WIPs & ongoing projects:


-Working on a master list of all my vids.

-Working on a 'Sherlock' vid - that is Sherlock BBC 2010, Benedict Cumberbatch (I LOVE HIM) and Martin Freeman. Sherlock/Watson = my new OTP. To the song "Hysteria" by muse.


-My Ten/Morgana, Doctor Who/Merlin crossover fic "Comedy of Errors" is still on hold (sorry!!), but I will finish as soon as I am done with...

...Gwen/Leon fic "Red Cape and Bouquet" (title changed btw from "Red Capes and Bouquets" because someone pointed out to me - quite rightly! - that the fic was more serious than it sounded... not sure if the omission of the 's' makes much difference but there you go:L) Which will be short-ish, 5 chapters MAX. I promise.

-And a fic master list (hahahaa that'll be a short list)

-May also transfer some of my (less embarrassingly bad) Draco/Ginny fics to livejournal if I get time.


-Arthur/Gwen S2 moodtheme: Gah, where do I begin with the endless problems I have faced with this one?? It may, eventually get done. Eventually. With endless patience and a LOT of schweppes bitter lemon.

-Something Matt/Karen or Eleven/Amy-ish is demanding to be done somewhere in the back of my head. Some kind of Shipping Manifesto/Best Moments type of thing... Will let you all know when a fully-fledged idea formulates.

Please remind me if I have forgotten any projects! Sibz xx
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