Apr. 11th, 2010 12:29 pm
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Okay I think it's called a haitus, but my point is... I'm taking one. A break. I adore livejournal [in fact I seem to spend most of my life there:L] but the fact is, schoolwork has caught up with me and it's getting to the point where something has to give- and for me it's livejournal [real life sucks, right?] Sooooo basically... (and this REALLY pains me to say it) No more Camelot_Love squee... no more frantic Dr Who LJ posts... I'm taking a break.

SO... see you all on the other side [of my exams:L Which should be roughly... June 23rd:(:( Gah. How will I survive???] when I'll return in all my formal glory for the run up to Merlin series 3!

If I make any fanvids during that time [which if the pressure gets to me, I surely will] I'll post them here on my journal... but I suspect they may be few and far between from now on:(

So... goodbye everyone! And if anyone really needs to contact me, I will undoubtedly still be on twitter & youtube. :L

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Okay so for those of you who've been following my Merlin/Doctor Who crossover fic, I apologize for not updating in ages! I'm afraid I'm going to have to take a bit of a break from writing it- because I've got a lot of coursework I'm meant to be writing & I simply don't have time because of suckishly busy life:(:(

However, I promise as soon as these dreaded exams are over I'll get right back to writing it... I have big plans for the future of this fic! [or should that be the past? ...get it? Okay yeah cheesy joke over]
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It's taken me two hours to upload a 1min 30second video.

And then it says "Bad value." )

*bangs head against desk*
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I cannot believe I missed;
A) the Merlin finale
B) the after-Merlin finale squee

You don't want to hear all the annoying details, but to cut a long story short I've been stuck in Charles de Gaulle Airport for 2 days.

NOT. HAPPY. But at least I'm alive, eh?


Dec. 7th, 2009 06:32 pm
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Good news: Fancied a change so I've suddenly gone all pink and pale!

Bad news: I've lost my muse. Whatever it was, it's gone. Feels like there won't be any more of my videos for a while:( Maybe it's the total lack of Arthur&Gwen in the last Merlin episode, or the fact that Morgana suddenly went evil that has given me the dreaded vidder's block. Or maybe it's the fact that sometimes real life goes all suckish and gets in the way of my dreamland. Maybe I'll try and focus my energies on some other medium-- you never know I might try to write another fanfic.

In the meantime sorry for spamming all your friend's pages:P



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